August 29, 2015

into everything.


I know I've said it before, but this third child of ours is trouble. In the cutest, most frustrating, adorable way. I can't keep him out of the fireplace. I can't keep him out of the chairs at the table. Which usually leads to him crawling on the table. I can't keep him from thinking he's as big as his brothers. And apparently I can't keep him from dipping a diaper clutch into an unflushed toilet when I turn my head for two seconds. Yikes.

Despite what it might seem like, I also can't believe that this cutie is ours. I can't believe the way he can make me laugh in a split second. I can't believe how wonderful his relationship is with both of his brothers. I can't believe how cute his sweet little teeth are that took forever to come in.

However, I can believe how much I love him. And it's a lot.

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