August 14, 2015

good lighting & a cute baby.


Although I guess calling him a baby is quickly becoming a thing of the past. There's just not a lot of baby left in this guy. And even though Baby Center has been calling him a toddler for months, I guess it's time I got on board with the same terminology.

But back to the photo... I was sitting at my desk earlier this week, quite possibly typing an entry into this blog (I know! Three entries in one week IS a miracle!), and the littlest guy was standing beside the window and noticed how great the light was. Thankfully the camera was sitting right in front of me so I was able to snap a couple of shots real quick-like. And I just crossed my fingers and said a little prayer that the focus was where it looked like it was and that I wasn't wasting an opportunity.

Cause y'all? Babies don't keep. And they also don't keep still. You gotta be fast on the draw to get something this magical!

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