June 17, 2015

the mcwane center.


We were incredibly blessed to receive a McWane Center family membership for Christmas. We've only made it out one other time so far this year, but with the weather already being as hot as it is, I can see this being a fairly frequent outing for us. The boys are entertained with every little thing and there's even a new area just for the itty bitties! Fun all around!

We spent almost two hours there this morning and didn't have time to look at all of the things. Which is awesome because that means there's just more to look at when we go back. And we haven't even ventured into the world of IMAX yet... but I think we'll have to before the summer is over.

I love that we have a venue like this so close to us. The boys are learning all sorts of things and they just see it as play. I think that's a win for sure.

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