June 24, 2015

sewLOVED: crib sheets


While the sewing bug hit recently I realized I had a couple of fabrics that I had purchased to create into crib sheets. And then never did. Sad trombone... But today? Today it's a happy trombone! I love both of these fabrics and while putting them in the crib to take photos, had to seriously consider keeping them... I suppose the floral one wouldn't look that great in Graham's nursery, but whatevs...

The teal feather arrows crib sheet is super modern, a great color and would look good in either a boy or girl's nursery. I love it with our white crib, but know this would look beautiful with a darker crib or even a gray crib! While the whimsical floral crib sheet is beautiful, it most definitely works for a little girl's nursery best. There are so many great colors in this fabric – navy, orange, mustard – that would make coordinating a nursery a breeze. And again, love it in a white crib, but think it would look just as nice in a darker crib.

Both are now available in the sewLOVED etsy shop! More updates to come soon!

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