June 5, 2015

sawyer: last day of 3k.


Running a couple of weeks behind on getting things shared because summer. Anyway, Sawyer wrapped up 3k a couple of weeks ago. This was his first year at "school" and he loved every single second of it. He loved the school. He loved his teacher. He loved his friends. I think he really just loved having something all his own. As a middle child it's hard to get that, you know? But school for Sawyer? Was just that. His own.

I feel like he's grown leaps since he started last fall. His vocabulary most certainly has – we'll often get the response, "That's just... impossible!" from Sawyer. And it makes us laugh because he says it the best way a three year old can. He knows all of his letters (with the exception of getting "M" and "W" mixed up every so often – who can blame him?). He can write most of his letters too. Ask him to write his name and he'll sit down, grab a pencil, put his tongue in the corner of his mouth and go to town.

Every night that Cayden had homework, Sawyer asked to do his homework too. As in, he asked to do Cayden's homework. Short of sight-words/reading, Sawyer would tell us each letter of the alphabet (in a random order) and let us know what sounds they made. I feel like he's pretty brilliant. I'm also pretty biased.

We've got him signed up for 4k in the fall, moving to a three-day-a-week schedule. I'm already unsure of how to use all the quiet time this fall, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find something to fill that time. Ahem, the ridiculously curious one year old would be the something.

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