June 30, 2015

sawyer: four years old.


Our Sawyer Wray turned four yesterday. Which is still unbelievable for us. He just got here, right? Yeah, I guess not...

Anyway, we had his birthday party over the weekend. Since he's practically a July baby, we knew it was going to be hot out so we prepared to have an outdoor party with water fun. And as the party approached, the skies got darker and darker. With the party set to begin at four, and it literally raining cats and dogs at three, I was beginning to get a little worried. But the sky cleared out around 3:30ish and stayed clear until much later in the evening.

So everyone played and yelled and screamed and got wet and had a blast. And we didn't have a bunch of kiddos in the house running around. Win-win, right? We fired up the grill, had some hot dogs, sang happy birthday around a cake that almost had hot pink icing rather than red (red icing be hard, y'all!) and Sawyer opened some super fun gifts surrounded by awesome friends and family.

We've had a bit of a whining problem with our nugget and he promised us that when he turned four he would quit whining. One day in? That hasn't changed so much, ha! But we are looking forward to how he grows this year. He makes us laugh constantly and know that's only going to continue!

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