June 25, 2015

nap time.


I've always treasured nap times, but never realized just how much I would need that time as a stay at home mom. Graham still mostly takes two naps a day; thankfully his second one coincides with Sawyer's afternoon nap. So win! And when Cayden got out of school for the summer, I decided that even though he doesn't nap anymore, he could probably still use a rest. So he lays in his bed and reads while his two younger brothers sleep.

During this afternoon me time, I used to just watch TV. And then I realized how many other things I could actually do while all the boys were resting. Those few hours started being my cram-all-the-things-in time. Sewing, eating lunch, watching a show, blogging, photo editing... you name it and I'm cramming it in.

But over the last week or so, Cayden's started creeping out of his room after about an hour. I can usually count on Graham to sleep for at least two hours and Sawyer sometimes three! That was cutting my me time in half. So yesterday when Cayden asked if he could hang out with me after only 45 minutes of rest, my immediate response was no. And he was ok with it. But me? I wasn't ok with it. I immediately felt shamed and completely selfish. I was taking photos of my sewLOVED products. Would it really hurt for Cayden to hang out with me while I did that and see what his mama does? Absolutely not. So I called back to him to come hang out with me and he happily bounded to our playroom. It's kind of fun having a little time that it's just us.

So next time he comes creeping out of him room too early, I think we'll sneak in a little mama/Cayden time. It's pretty awesome.

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