June 10, 2015

little bit.


This kid. The one with quite a few nicknames. The one who has managed to get in more than the older two combined. The one who likes to climb all the things. The one with eyes that we can't tell what color they'll be. (But seriously, anyone? Brown? Green? Definitely not blue anymore.) The one who loves his brothers fiercely. The one who cries crocodile tears when he doesn't get to go outside. The one who's stolen all of our hearts. And the one who can give us a look that cracks us up instantly...

Graham. A loud little thing that walks and climbs. That yells his own words at us. And also sweetly says some real words to us. Currently cutting six upper teeth all at once (to add to the only two he currently has). And possibly cutting his one year molars at the same time. (Um... that's fun.)

Such an amazing little thing wrapped up in this tiny package. And as challenging as he can be, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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