June 19, 2015

getting out of the house.


There are days where I never want to set foot out of the house. And sometimes, those days exist. I don't even walk to the mailbox. Which I know sounds lame, but I'm working on those being fewer and happening less often. It's a process. Especially with three young kiddos. But even that has gotten way less intimidating and we're enjoying our little adventures.

This morning I knew I wanted to get out of the house. And not just to the back yard (which is awesome too!). But at the same time, it's hot outside. So I grabbed my phone, checked the current temperature (78º) and declared it "PARK DAY!" and out we walked. Of course, in the fifteen minutes it took us to get out of the house the temperature had risen to 80º. It was only 9 in the morning, so I knew it was only going to get hotter. But we persevered anyway.

And when we got to the park, there was no one there. I mean, there were people exercising on all the tracks, but no one at the playground. The boys were in heaven! And me? I forgot this playground has some big trees and benches that were paired up perfectly. So yes, it was hot, but it wasn't miserable. The boys were able to get their sillies out. The littlest one was able to toddle around (which also led me to buying the poor thing some shoes that fit afterward) and all was well! So well that we've already talked about going back to the park next week. I would venture to a different one (we're so lucky to have three super-close to us!), but the shade and the quiet makes me want to go back to this one. Another plus to park days? Free. And the boys loved being able to run wild just as much as they love anything else.

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