June 9, 2015

cayden: last day of kindergarten.


Again, about three weeks ago... but who's keeping track?

::laughs, sobs... how does the time get away so easily?::

Anyway, Cayden had an awesome first year of school. Awesome. We felt like he went in super-prepared this fall, but we're amazed at the progress he made over this short time span. It seemed like he would never start reading, but y'all, the dude can read. In our school system, they want kindergarteners to read at a level D upon graduation. Cayden's reading at a level K. K! According to some charts, that's entry-level second grade. And yes I'm bragging; I'm proud!

His handwriting has also gotten so much better. He still writes a couple of his numbers backwards (mainly the number 2 because I think he gets it confused with 5 just a bit), but otherwise he's writing whole sentences. Creatively. And illustrating those sentences too. It's all sorts of cool.

Jeremy and I can no longer spell things around him either. Which is great if we need to communicate something with Cayden that we don't want Sawyer to know about. It's not so great if we're trying to communicate privately and he can sound out what we've spelt. Ah, good times!

He's a bit of a social butterfly... which, on occasion, got him into a little bit of trouble this year. Never enough trouble to warrant a meeting with the teacher. We'll see how this goes as he gets older. It's tough being a five year old stuck in a classroom setting for most of the day you know? He's also a little bit of a clown... if you couldn't tell from the photos above.

Overall, he's an amazing kid. Super smart. Super cute. Super sensitive. And super awesome.

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