May 18, 2015



Let's ease back into this blogging thing, yes? Whew. Unintentional break taken. And now maybe it's time for it to be over. School's wrapping up and I'm sure things are about to get interesting. It'll be my first summer as a stay-at-home-mom... And while I'm used to having Sawyer and Graham home during the day, I'm not used to Cayden being home all day. I'm hoping we'll be able to find our groove pretty quickly. I'm hoping it'll involve a lot of pool time with some trips to the local zoo and kids museum thrown in.

Oh, and it'll definitely include many, many trips to our local popsicle place, Frios. We hit it up for the first time about a month or so ago and have been two times since. And there are plans to hit it up again on Wednesday for a certain someone's sixth birthday. Sixth!

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