April 7, 2015

spring break, twenty fifteen.


We aren't typically go-somewhere-for-spring-break-ers. But this year? This year we were. We spent almost a solid week (Fri-Thurs) in Panama City Beach. And before anyone says something about us going to PCB, we were on the quiet end of the beach... not so quiet that we didn't hear the sirens in the middle of the night when we arrived, but we were never in harms way (that we know of), and the beach was perfect. Small crowds. Mostly quiet college kids. We really couldn't have asked for a better week. The only downfall was the temperature the first couple of days, but even then we made the most of the heated pool and waited for the sun to warm everything up in the afternoon to make our way to the beach. And please note? That the gulf has the prettiest water and beaches anywhere. Period. The end.


At the beginning of the week it seemed like Graham was going to have an aversion to the sand, but by the end of the week, he was sitting/crawling/playing in it like a pro. We seriously had the best time. We stayed in a two bedroom/one bathroom home... and short of needing one more bathroom, we feel like should we need to move into a smaller home, we could totally do that. But this mama is going to insist on having her own bathroom should that be the case. (I lost count of how many times I asked for the toilet to be flushed or the seat to be put down. They'll learn one day, right?)


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