February 23, 2015

february jamberry stylebox.


Back in the day I was a devout subscriber to Birchbox. Living in a house full of boys, having something girly just for me was an excellent idea. And for months I looked forward to that little box showing up in my mailbox. After about a year it seemed like all the samples were the same and nothing was new or exciting. I was sad to cancel my subscription, but I had quit using most of what I received and each month I would just get sad over what was in that cute little box.

In September when I joined Jamberry as an independent consultant, I noticed they had a monthly subscription box. And while it had been at least a year, if not longer, since I had quit Birchbox, I was still afraid of being "burned" on a bad box. Each month I would see the cute wraps that would be released exclusive to the Jamberry Stylebox and a part of me was sad that I hadn't taken the chance to get them myself.

Every month would come and go, and I would contemplate whether or not I should just bite the bullet and order, and every month I put it off. Until this month. I got a sneak peek of the February Stylebox and just could not put it off a month longer. And now that the gem is in my hands, I don't want to use the wraps! They are just so very awesome and not something that everyone has.

So maybe you're wondering how much this box is? Glad you asked! It's $25 a month (with an initial 3-month subscription required) and comes with at least $30 worth of product. And did I mention that some of the wraps are exclusive? And that it ships free every month? This month even came with a card that features five of the brand new designs that are launching March 1. And y'all? The new catalog is even better than the current one. I cannot wait to share it with you!

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