February 22, 2015

a house update. & pretty art.


We listed our house for sale back in October, hoping for a quick sale. We have friends in other parts of the country who are selling their homes within days of being on the market – some of them even having multiple offers on them. We? Are not so fortunate. As of last week we took the house off the market to do a few more updates and get a restart on the MLS searches.

First up on the list is freshening up the kitchen a bit. There's nothing currently wrong with it, but it is all a little, um, tan? A few new coats of paint should take care of everything. And if I'm feeling extra spunky, maybe retiling the backsplash. That may be a bigger job than I want to take on, but we'll see how it goes.

And I know when one's home is listed, it's best to depersonalize things as much as you can; I'm totally cool with that. But y'all, we have no art hanging in the nursery. The walls are all a huge blank canvas. While I can see that being appealing to some potential buyers, I think if I walked into a home where there was nothing hanging on the walls, I would feel like the home isn't cozy or loved.

With that being said, I started trying to figure out what we could hang in there that could make the transition to a bigger boy room eventually and make the move to a new home wherever that might end up. Minted to the rescue! I started looking through all the nursery art prints and found myself absorbed by all the beautiful choices. I was originally thinking that we would go with a personalized print (how lovely are the vintage info and newspaper sailboat choices?), but there's something about that monster mash print that's calling my name. And the colors are perfect for the current nursery and whatever we might decide to do down the road.

We're looking to get the house re-listed sometime near the end of March. With spring right around the corner, our fingers are crossed that more buyers will be out looking and we can get everything wrapped up before the heat of the summer. I don't know about you, but I would much prefer moving in the cold than the heat of Alabama summers.

As a sidenote, Minted is providing me with some awesome credit. A sidenote to that sidenote? We love Minted in this house. I actually just ordered an address book and didn't realize I could love a paper product quite so much. So yeah, credit, but my opinion? Is completely my own. And Minted is awesome.

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