April 16, 2014

crib sheets.


Perhaps I should've broken out the iron on these before taking the photos? Eh, I think it'll be fine. A few wrinkles most likely won't bother Graham. Jeremy and I put the sheets on the mattress this morning and were thrilled with both options. There's something so peaceful about the white sheet with gray triangles. And there's something about the charcoal sheet with white plus signs. Both simple, but give the room an entirely different look just by changing them out.

This was the first time I had ordered fabric from Spoonflower, and while it was a little bit pricier than I would normally spend, I'm really happy with what I ended up with. And I mean, since Graham can't really tell me if he likes his nursery or not, I suppose that's all that really matters. Tonight? The curtain rod gets hung so I can determine how long the drapes need to be. Expect a punch of color there!

April 14, 2014


Cayden & Sawyer: Enjoying their REAL picnic in the back yard 

Yesterday was beautiful. On the way to church, I casually mentioned to the boys that we should put our quilt out in the back yard and eat lunch on it. We generally "picnic" inside with the quilt while watching a movie on a Friday night. Anyway, Cayden got really excited and exclaimed, "Like a real picnic?" Yeah buddy, like a real picnic. Cayden thought that was a "great" idea and kept talking about it at church.

So we got home, made some peanut butter and jellies and picnic'd the afternoon out of our Sunday. With the playset in the back yard, we had built in entertainment AND we were able to let them get their sillies out and rest a little bit afterward.

We woke up to rain this morning. With possible flooding again. At this point, we're really appreciating that sunshine that we got to enjoy yesterday, and hoping that it comes back to play sometime soon. Really soon.

April 9, 2014


Cayden & Sawyer: Checking out Graham's new digs.

I could hear the boys talking and giggling before we left the house this morning. I just presumed they were in their room playing until I walked around the corner and found them under Graham's crib looking at books. I slowly backed out and told Jeremy to grab the camera, and quick! Sawyer was just starting to slither back out, but we were still able to catch a couple of shots of them enjoying this time together. Just knowing that another little boy will be taking up residence in our home soon makes my heart soar. And knowing that he has two big brothers that already love him? Well, don't even get me started.

April 8, 2014



Well, look at that! Furniture in the nursery! Graham will have a place to sleep after all. We had some spare time this past Sunday, so I begged Jeremy to help put the furniture together. It's from Ikea, so I organized hardware and managed the directions while Jeremy put most of it together by himself. I usually very much enjoy assembling furniture, but was happy to hand over the reins at 35 weeks pregnant. Crawling around was the last thing I wanted to do, but at the same time, sitting still and handing out hardware wasn't all that comfortable either. But, it's all put together and looks fabulous sitting against the freshly painted walls.

I suppose that I need to get my hiney upstairs to the sewing machine next. Quite a few textiles to be made: crib sheets, curtains, changing pad cover and a quilt. Also, there is currently nothing in the drawers of that dresser. Time to pull out some tiny clothes and get to washing!

And then there's that small issue of wires hanging from the ceiling. No worries, we have plans for that too!

April 1, 2014


With a little over five weeks to go until Graham's due date, the nursery is finally painted! Seems like with Cayden, as soon as we found out we were having a boy, the nursery was done. And with Sawyer, I think we still had at least two months to go. But with Graham, well, we're just getting it done. Slowly.

But the biggest obstacle is now out of the way – painting the room! Every single surface in this room was painted. Walls, ceiling, trim and doors. My husband and daddy were so awesome to take one of their Fridays and do all of this for us. The outcome? Love!

All the trim in our house is an off-white color. And never has that become more evident when the walls were painted bright white. The trim work seriously looked yellow! As we repaint rooms, we're slowly repainting all the trim to be a crisp, bright white. My dad suggested that we try Sherwin Williams Pro Classic on the trim in this room, and we were not disappointed at all. It's also what we used on the doors, tinted to Unusual Gray. We'll slowly be converting all of our interior doors to this color as well; it's beautiful and just adds a little extra flare to the room. And if you're at all curious as to the ceiling color, it's Spa Blue (also by Sherwin Williams).

And look at those light plate switches! Neat, right? Since all the trim in the house was off-white, so are all the switches and outlets. Since we needed to replace those with white, we decided to get these fun flippers instead of the standard switch. The boys are in love with them and love the click sound they make. I love how streamlined they look. They were uber-easy to change out (says the lady who had nothing to do with it). Just please make sure you turn off the power to the room you're working on!

With the room empty, I was able to get in there and give the carpet a good shampooing. Next up? Furniture assembly!
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