November 11, 2014

graham: six months old


Let's not talk about the fact that you actually turn seven months old next week and I'm just now getting your six month post up. I promise I'll try to get it together this time. Maybe. Ha!

Six months old. Half a year. Third time around and it's still just as amazing! Mommy stinks and can't remember what all actually happened in your sixth month and what has happened this last month on your way to seven months old. I'll save a lot of those updates for next week because several of them are pretty huge!

You're still an awesome sleeper. Very rarely do we need to come into your room before 6:30 in the a.m. On occasion, there are random nights that something bothers you and you can't settle back down. A quick nursing session usually solves that problem and you're out again until morning.

You and I made mommy's first breastfeeding goal! Six months in and we're still going strong. We both still are enjoying it, and that makes this mommy super happy. We'll discuss this again when you finally get some teeth.

Speaking of, you have none. I don't think they're even close to breaking through. You're going to be one of those adorable babies who doesn't get teeth until you're a year old and then all of a sudden, they're all going to come in at the same time. I'm sure that'll be, um, fun?

Sometime between six and eight every night you like to talk. And loudly. It doesn't really matter where we are, that's your vocal time. I think that the sound of your voice still surprises you sometimes. You seem very pleased that you can reach pitches that no one should have to hear. But, it usually makes us all laugh, so we deal with the ear piercing as long as it keeps you happy.

At your sixth month check-up, Dr. C seemed concerned with your head growth. We're still not entirely sure what's going on with that – we'll have your head remeasured next week and go from there. In my heart, I feel like everything is fine. I even went back and looked at your brothers' head measurements and you seem right on track with them. But we'll see what happens and take it as it comes.

Likes: your brothers, mommy's milk, your feet, when daddy walks into the room, your exersaucer
Dislikes: someone leaving the room, being in your carseat for too long, oh, and when someone leaves the room

weeks twenty-two through twenty-six

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