November 10, 2014

a little hike.


Apparently we like to go hiking in the fall as the last time we went was about this time last year too. It really can't be helped. The temperature is dropping to the perfect degree, the sun shines beautifully and the leaves are changing into that awesome fall background that everyone loves.

So we decided to go hiking this past weekend. Jeremy told me about what trail he wanted to try out with the kids. He estimated it to be about three miles. I asked if that was a little ambitious knowing that we would be carrying Graham. He repeatedly told me, "No! It's an easy hike! We'll be fine!"

Remind me if those words come out of his mouth that it is untruth. Untruth, I tell you! What ended up happening was close to a five mile hike for almost four hours. But, but! It was beautiful. And when we got to the top of our destination, and had a snack break, Cayden excitedly said, "This is fun!" And that right there made it all worth it. The view when a huge rock was climbed wasn't too shabby either.

On the way back down, I ended up wearing Graham so that Jeremy could carry Sawyer. Just that little bit of extra weight made me so sore in my legs. I can't even imagine wearing Sawyer on my back – Graham's 15 extra pounds was nothing compared to Sawyer's 33, I'm sure. But we survived! And had fun!

And the boys fell asleep in the car around 4ish, made the transfer to their beds, another transfer to our bed when we tried to wake them for dinner and a bath, ANOTHER transfer back to their beds and then slept until 5:30 the next morning. I ::think:: we might have tired them out. Maybe.

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