October 21, 2014



Every so often, we'll wake up to Cayden walking in our bedroom in the middle of the night. Usually he's either scared of something in his room or complaining of his leg hurting. We try to get him to go back to his room, but sometimes, there's a hint of real fear in his voice and we let him crawl in bed and sleep. I'll admit that sometimes I sleep through these moments. Both of our boys like to go to Jeremy's side of the bed; I think maybe they know I'll make them get back in bed, ha!

Anyway,  I was making up our bed the other morning (as one does when their house is on the market) and found Cayden's puppy hanging out in our bed. My big boys had already left for church, so it was just me and the tiniest Allen still at home. I thought Puppy (as he's called) needed a little time in front of the camera. This sweet pup has been with Cayden since he was born and is so, so loved. And for a split moment, I got all melodramatic thinking about the future and the mornings that we won't find Cayden (or puppy) in bed with us.

And you know what? I think I'll encourage those middle of the night rendezvous for a little bit longer.

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