October 6, 2014

graham: five months old.


Only about two weeks behind on this update. Good news? Only two weeks to wait before the six month update. #thirdchildproblems

Your months are starting to blend together to me, Graham. The older you get, the more you are starting to look like Cayden. But no worries, your eyes still look like Sawyer's.  It's amazing really, how much the three of you look alike. Personality-wise? The three of you couldn't be more different. And that's awesome and keeps mommy and daddy on their toes every minute of your waking days.

We decided to stop swaddling you sometime this month. One night you were crying and crying. Daddy came in to find you on your belly while swaddled (that's right, you mastered rolling over this month!). You had no arms free to help you flip back over. We figured it was time to stop after that for sure. And you are still sleeping awesome. So, win! Although, it is starting to get a bit chilly at night now. We might have to break out the sleep blankets, but at least you'll have access to your arms.

You are still nursing great, and mommy is still managing to keep up with your demands by pumping at work. You are starting to show a lot of interest in big people food. I imagine we'll start with something like avocado soon. That was both Cayden and Sawyer's first food and it seemed to go over well with them. Mommy is considering trying baby-led weaning with you. We'll see how that goes.

You still love talking. And laughing at Sawyer is still one of your favorite things. Perhaps it's because he's not worried about getting RIGHT in your face to provoke the laughs. We love the way your brothers adore you, and by your eyes, we can see that the feeling is mutual.

Likes: mommy's milk, your brothers, your bouncer, talking, smiling, your feet, riding in your carseat
Dislikes: being overly tired, not being in someone's arms, being fastened into your carseat

weeks eighteen through twenty-one

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