September 12, 2014

vendor fun.


It's been months since I've sat at my sewing machine. Months. The last thing I think I sewed were Graham's crib sheets? Or maybe there was a little gift I whipped up for a friend? But otherwise? Nothing. So when a friend asked me if I wanted to participate in a vendor event that benefits a sweet two year old girl, I was all game! This was about two weeks ago. And, um, I had nothing in my stock of baby items to sell.

SO! To the sewing machine I went. I've whipped out some crib sheets, paci clips, coffee cuffs, bibs and sweet little headbands for babies. I'm still not done and the show is tomorrow morning at 9. Eek! Probably going to be a late night tonight. If I see you tomorrow, forgive me if I call you the wrong name. ::wink::

There are a lot of crazy things going on behind the scenes at our house right now. Choosing to jump in on this vendor event may have been poor timing, but it's for a great reason. Also, let's not discuss the fact that our upstairs air unit is broken. Which just happens to be where my sewing machine is. It was a comfy 93ยบ up there a couple of nights ago. So that's fun?

But for real, it's my first vendor event and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. It will probably be a smaller event, and I think that will be a great way for me to dip my toes in the water. I'm also silly-stupid excited about it. That could have something to do with my lack of sleep (Fitbit tells me I got four whole hours and one minute last night!), but I think it also has to do a little something with stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. Trying new things seems to be what I do lately...

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