September 25, 2014

the master bedroom.


I guess we'll just continue on a little home tour here, friends. Last week I shared Cayden and Sawyer's shared room, and I've posted plenty of Graham's nursery as it slowly gets transformed. But today? Today I'm sharing our little retreat in the house.

Our bedroom is finally exactly how we want it. I mean, sure, we'd probably hang some artwork, but since we plan on listing the house this weekend, there's really no point. When I was pregnant with Graham, and we had two boys crashing in our bed on weekend mornings, we decided it was time to upgrade to a king-sized bed. Best decision ever. Except somehow, with all three boys in the bed, it still doesn't seem to be big enough. Weird. Ha!

But the way that tufted headboard pops off our light blue walls? It makes me all swoony. And the sun rises on this side of the house. Jeremy and I have watched some really pretty sunrises because of this. Also, it keeps our room bright and airy. Bright and airy is definitely a home requirement for me.

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