September 2, 2014

sawyer: first day of 3k.


We wrestled with the idea of putting Sawyer in school this fall. But earlier this year, when he asked if he could go to school like Cayden does, we knew it was time to register him. We wondered how he would handle being somewhere on his own all day. Nugget has a bit of a dependence streak where he needs someone around to help him and hang out with him. We also wondered how he would do on drop-off his first day.

Turns out, all he needed was a little independence. Since Cayden started kinder a few weeks back, he's been asking when his school would start. When Cayden starts telling us something that happened at school, Sawyer would start his own school story – never mind that he hadn't started school yet.

So this morning, we lined up for 3k drop-off. Sawyer was bouncing around in the back seat just waiting for his door to be opened so he could go into his class. He hopped down out of the car, threw his bag up on his shoulder, told us "bye!" and was off. No looking back. He rocked it. Now we'll just say a little prayer that his entire day goes as well.

And me? Oh, no worries. I was surprised by the tears, but was able to dry them up just as quickly. Jeremy and I are both really happy the Nugget is getting to go to school. And we can't wait to hear about his day this afternoon.

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