September 26, 2014

sawyer: fall photos, twenty fourteen.


We're doing pretty good keeping up with Cayden's daily kindergarten activities. We are not doing so well checking up on Sawyer's two-days-a-week 3k activities. I know. It doesn't make sense. So, on Wednesday night when I got an email from Sawyer's teacher reminding us about fall photos the next day, I got a little panicked. We haven't exactly gotten fall clothes out of the attic yet thanks to the always warmer than necessary Alabama "fall." Jeremy and I made a mental note to climb up in the attic the next morning to find something for Sawyer to wear.

But then, I walked into the boys closet the next morning and saw something I forgot we had purchased earlier in the summer on mega-sale. The cutest little hooded sweater in a great oatmeal color. And I knew that it would look adorable paired with a darker pair of shorts. Jeremy had left early for a bible study, but when he got home and saw Sawyer, he agreed: adorable.

Now, let's just hope he didn't smile for the photo like he told me he did. It involved an open mouth and lots of tongue. Yay?

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