September 22, 2014

doctor who.


Any Doctor Who fans out there? Jeremy and I were a little late to the game, but once we started watching it, we couldn't get enough. Since we don't have cable, we currently cannot find a way to watch the newest season. If anyone has any pointers, we'd be glad to take them.

But anywho (haha!), Graham was starting to get tired of only his flat floormat. When my nephew as an itty bitty, my sister got this great exersaucer for him. Before Gage, we'd all been using the same one since my oldest nephew was a baby. He's about to be nine.

Since Graham has total head control and is REALLY working on trying to sit up (stop that, kiddo!), we decided it was time to bring out the exersaucer. Depending on his mood, Graham will sit in this thing playing for up to 20 minutes. And hey, I'll take that! As I was watching him play in it one day last week, it hit me why I liked this new-to-us exersaucer so much. And just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I posed the question to Jeremy.

"Hey babe, you know what this exersaucer reminds me of?"
"Yep. Doctor Who."

And that, my friends, is how I know I married the right guy. Ok, there ::are:: a few other reasons, but the fact that he was right there with me was awesome. And to explain myself, see those little rectangle shaped thingies over his right arm area? Those are totally little Tardis'. And that little building thing that has fallen over on the far left? Reminds me of the hospital that disappeared that one time. And the school house looking thing behind Graham? Reminds me of Amy and Rory's town in that alternate world episode.

Ahem, dork. Right here. And thankfully the man that shares our children is one as well.

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