September 17, 2014

cayden and sawyer's room.


It recently dawned on me that I've never shared Cayden and Sawyer's bedroom. And well, to let a secret out of the bag – or is it cat? cat would be SO much more appropriate considering the amount of cats we have – we're planning on listing our home in the next week or so. We finally got the boys' room organized the way we like it, and the way it works best for two wild boys. And since it was clean, I decided to snap a few photos of their shared space.

The bunk beds have worked really well for us. There have been a couple of incidents where we thought we would have to separate the beds (um, a certain four year old jumping from the top bunk to his bean bag and another where a certain two year old decided he should climb down from the top NOT using the ladder), but no problems recently, so bunked they've stayed. We recently moved this six drawer dresser in here from our bedroom. Both boys having three drawers of storage has been awesome.

The closet in this room is a really nice walk-in. It holds all of their shirts on hangers and also houses a bookshelf with most of their toys and all of their books on it. It can start looking a little cluttered, so having it in the closet helps my OCD by not actually being able to see the mess going on.

We picked up a toy box on a semi-recent trip to Ikea. It holds all their big toys that used to sit along the walls of their room. Again, not being able to see a mess when we walk into their room is awesome, so yay toy boxes!


mckt said...

Love everything about the room! The orange, teal and gray are fantastic together.

molly said...

It's amazing! I love the colors! I have really been thinking of doing a bunk bed and combining Landon and Brigs in one room. They want a bunk bed so bad! I love that one. Where did you get it?

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