August 18, 2014



We traveled to Tennessee this past weekend for our annual family reunion. Since my parents don't live in Tennessee anymore, it's always an adventure trying to find somewhere to stay for the weekend that doesn't cost a fortune, or impose on someone else's family. This year we were so blessed to have one of my mom's best friends (thank Miss Amy!) offer up her lakeside cabin for the weekend.

When I pictured cabin, I was thinking small and quaint. Y'all. The opposite. Well, quaint for sure, but not small. But still so cozy and beautiful. I overheard Cayden while in the bathtub say, "I want to stay here forever." Buddy, mommy and daddy did too.

A little house crashing tour later this week. Because it's completely necessary so you can ooh and aah over this cabin's beauty. Oh, and it's aptly named the Relax-A-Lot cabin. And relax we did.

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