August 11, 2014

making the pieces fit.


It's weird. I took these photos last week of Sawyer playing with his alphabet puzzle. I thought they were super cute photos; he was so intent on figuring out how all the pieces fit. But when I wanted to post them last week, I didn't really have any words.

But (lucky you!), I've come across words today. You see, there are a few things going on in our life that I'm trying to figure out. And like a child, I'm cramming all the pieces together. They don't necessarily fit, but if I push just a little bit harder, I feel like I can make it work.

Guess what? If the pieces don't fit, they just don't fit. Letting go and letting things slide into place on their own is so hard for me. It might be really hard for you too. But I'm trying. I like having the control over things. But y'all, I don't have that control. God does. And sheesh, it's just so hard to let go and let Him take care of these things.

So today, instead of being a child trying to cram everything into place, I'm going to let my creator take over. He knows how the pieces fit. I just have to trust Him, and let it go.


Joanna said...


Kassie Boggan said...

I feel you on this one. When you think you know how the pieces go, they get shaken out onto the ground to start over, but this time the puzzle is different. All part of the journey I guess :)

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