August 27, 2014

house crashing: tennessee lakehouse.


Just a few of the photos that were snapped at the amazing lakehouse we stayed at a couple of weeks ago. It was constructed by a local amish man. And I believe most of the furniture inside was custom-made by the same man. I'm not usually one to go for so much wood, but at this cabin? It works.

That screened in porch was awesome. The mornings were a bit cooler while we were there. It's the perfect spot for a cup of coffee. If there had been a double bed out there, I think that's where Jeremy and I would have slept. As it was, I almost lost Jeremy to the screened porch bed (but hey, a whole bed upstairs by myself wouldn't have been a bad deal either).

The bedroom we stayed in (not pictured) had this picturesque window seat. I enjoyed several hours sitting there nursing Graham during our stay. It was so peaceful to look out the big window onto the lake below.

The boys were going to sleep in those bunkbeds. They are massive though; the top one is at least six feet up. And with no side-rail on it to keep a certain five year old from falling out, we opted for floor sleeping. They cared not. They were just excited they were in the loft in their own little space. Plus, the owners have grandchildren about the same age, so there were tons of new toys for them to explore.

The man cave on the lowest level (three stories of home, people!) was awesome. We tried to get the boys to settle down on Saturday afternoon to watch a movie since it was perfectly dark with a nice surround sound, but there were too many other things for them to do instead of watching TV. I suppose we were okay with that.

It was lovely to go down to the water, but I can imagine how awesome it must be in the winter too. To cozy up on those comfy couches in front of the fireplace, with a cup of hot cocoa. Methinks I have an idea for a winter getaway now.

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