August 25, 2014

graham: four months old.


This past month has been a lot of fun. We've had laughs like crazy. Mommy and daddy have decided that if this is your laugh, it's going to evoke a lot of laughter all on its own. You've also started talking this month. Um, we're a little afraid of how much you might talk if this babble is any indication of your future. Your brothers were both chatty, but you have outdone them for sure.

You still aren't a super-huge fan of tummy time, but little dude, you're so close to figuring out how to roll over. You also found your feet last week. If you don't have a blanket in your hand, you most definitely have one of your feet. We're just waiting for the moment you realize you can put your toes in your mouth. Speaking of, you won't take a pacifier. If you're really, really, really tired, you might take it for a few minutes, but otherwise, you much prefer your hand. I think you've finally realized that you can just suck on a couple of fingers rather than your fist. And it's pretty adorable.

You have your first cold. Your biggest brother started kindergarten a couple of weeks ago, and with that came some new germs into our home. You have a raspy cough that sounds like you've smoked for ages. We just have to let it run its course though. We had your four month check-up last Friday and Dr. C double-checked to make sure you didn't have an ear infection or something fun like that. By the way, you apparently decided to grow FOUR inches since your last check-up at six weeks. That's crazy. No wonder we're having to switch over to all six/nine month jammies.

Likes: your hands, your feet, anyone who will talk to you, stroller rides, eating
Dislikes: loud noises, taking naps

weeks thirteen through seventeen

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