August 13, 2014

four generations.


Having lost all of my great-grandparents by the time I was four, I'm hoping that our boys realize how lucky they are to still have three of their greats alive today to love on them. Photos like this are such great keepsakes, and makes me realize that I need to try to get something similar with my own grandmother this weekend while we're visiting in Tennessee.

And Memaw Kilgore has the best place for the boys to play. Land for days for running and yelling, and a ton of figurines inside for little hands to touch. A porch swing that somehow stays cool even on the hottest of days. She also makes a pretty mean creamed corn that no one can quite replicate. And some fried okra that reminds me so much of my own granddaddy.

Also to note: This was taken on Mother's Day. Please don't think Graham is still that teeny. Because nope. Also? Why does Sawyer look as big as Cayden? Boy is going to outgrow his brother at some point methinks.

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