August 19, 2014

family reunion, twenty fourteen.


There may not have been a mule-drawn buggy this year, but we still had a great time. The fact that we got to stay in paradise while in Tennessee for the event may have helped just a bit.

For the most part, family reunions are weird. There are people there that know who you belong to (in this case, my dad, since it's his family), but I have no idea who they necessarily are. And then, there are some people who know you, but still somehow missed the last year where I was pregnant and had a baby almost four months ago. And lastly, there are other family members who keep up with each other on the regular via social media. And it's those people you find you can have multiple conversations with and enjoy each other's company.

The kids were mostly just interested in the playground. That's cool. And can we talk about my nephew that walked off the edge of the large playset, dropped oh, probably six to seven feet, cried for maybe thirty seconds and then started climbing said piece of equipment again? Little dude is unstoppable. What is stoppable? My sister's heart. I think we all had numb fingers for a few seconds after that fall.

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