August 7, 2014

cayden: first day of kindergarten.


We did it! We walked to school and dropped off our big boy. We let him lead us into the building, making sure he knew exactly how to get to his room. He remembered perfectly. We grilled him on his teacher's name, what number his car pick-up was, the new friends he'd met the day before. And he did awesome.

If he was apprehensive at all, I didn't feel it. He was a little disagreeable about walking to school, but about half way there, he looked up at me and exclaimed, "This is fun!" (And it was fun walking to school, but by the time this mama and daddy were heading back to the house, it was a little too warm. We might rethink walking until the weather drops off a bit.)

We walked into his room with confidence. Dropped his snack and lunch where it needed to go. Got a little sad that it wasn't time to play with toys. But quickly regained his cool when he saw it was time to color.

I can't wait to hear all about his day when we pick him up this afternoon. I pray that it goes well and that he's excited to go back and do it all again tomorrow.

Oh, and I really can't apologize for all the photos. Just be glad I narrowed it down to just these, ha!

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