August 20, 2014

cayden: fall photos, twenty fourteen


I remember taking fall photos in school. The excitement of wearing a new outfit as we were approaching a new season in weather. Apparently now "fall" photos mean photos in the middle of the hottest month in Alabama. I wanted Cayden to wear something fall-ish, but also not have him melt while out on the playground during recess. (That might happen anyway though. It's hot outside y'all.)

Target rescued us (as it usually does) with a cute fall inspired raglan tee. Throw some shorts on – cause you can't see those in the photo anyway – and you've got one cute boy! Cayden's in the process of growing his hair back out, so while it's in the awkward phase, Jeremy sneaks in with some hair product and styles his hair. If Cayden is aware of what you're doing, he'll throw-down and ask to have the product removed. Thankfully he was distracted by his awesome mama taking his photo this morning. Whether or not his hair remained styled for his picture to be taken will be determined at a later time and date. Like when the proofs come in. Ha!

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