August 14, 2014

a few new prints.


It has been a while since there was anything new added to the sewLOVED shop. I had a couple of bible verses that kept popping up in my head space and thought they would be perfect to try out as art prints. The verse from Matthew is one I'm really working on myself – realizing my treasure isn't in the things I own, but in the Lord. And I'm particularly smitten with that one from 2 Corinthians. There's just something so freeing about that verse. The third new print is one I did for a friend to give to her children. It's just one of those songs that gets stuck in your head, but you don't really mind because it's such a sweet little thing. I thought others might enjoy it as well; it'd be awfully cute in a nursery...

And because I like y'all so much, I'm offering 25% off all prints through the end of August. Use PRINTS25 to claim your discount!

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