July 16, 2014

sawyer says.


Back in the day, I used to post cayden's convos. Both the boys have said some of the silliest things lately, so I thought it might be nice to get back in the habit of posting some of those things. This is Sawyer's first entry, so, welcome to "sawyer says."

While flipping through a blank notebook...
Me: Sawyer, whacha doing?
Sawyer: Oh, me? I jus lookin for daddy some vegtables.
Me: Some vegetables? Do you mean some recipes?
Sawyer: Oh. Yeah. Recipes.


We have "picnic" dinners in front of the TV some nights. After sitting for a while....
Sawyer (jumps up & starts marching around): My foot's too big! My foot's too big!

(His foot falls asleep and this is what he says when it happens. Pretty hilarious. Thinking I somehow need to try to film it this scenario.)

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