July 17, 2014

only child.


This week our big boys have been with their Granna and Poppa enjoying some away time from mama and daddy. And you know what? As awesome as it is for them to be away and have their own fun, it's SO weird for me and Jeremy. Monday night when we got home, we were really confused about what we should do. There was no bedtime hustle. No asking to watch just one more show. And with our wireless down at home, Jeremy and I had no form of entertainment. Believe me, just watching five and three year old boys is enough entertainment, but we no longer had that. Weird, I tell ya.

So Graham's been a seemingly only child this week. It's been a long time since we've only had one kiddo around. We went for a walk around our 'hood last night and everyone we met kept telling us to enjoy this time. We'd smile, say thank you and give each other a look. We know this time is precious. And maybe having older children makes you realize just how fast it can all go by.

For now, we'll enjoy our one-on-one time with our littlest for two more days. And tomorrow night, we'll welcome the wild back into our home. With open arms.

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