July 25, 2014

my blue-eyed boys.


We were taking Graham's monthly photos this past weekend. Cayden was supposed to be resting, but he wasn't. So while Sawyer napped away (we still frequently get two hour naps from him!), Cayden helped me and Jeremy snap some shots of Graham.

Graham didn't want to smile for his monthly photos this time 'round, but as soon as we got him on the floor, I asked Jeremy to grab the camera again and see if he couldn't get one of him smiling. Cayden was laying on the floor trying to make Graham laugh, so I asked him to scoot toward his littlest brother.

Y'all, I'm still not entirely sure how we ended up with two blue-eyed boys. Scratch that. Both of our mothers have blue eyes, so Jeremy and I obviously carry the trait. But with Jeremy's eyes almost brown and mine green, we never imagined we'd end up with these two. I've always wished I had blue eyes. Blue eyes and red hair is just such a pretty match. So I'm thrilled to have these blue eyes to look back at me so many times a day.

And not to say that I don't love Sawyer's dark eyes. They melt my heart in a completely different way.

1 comment:

molly said...

They are just gorgeous boys. Truly <3

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