July 1, 2014

graham's nursery: bookshelves


I think the last update post on Graham's nursery was adding furniture. And then, well, he surprised us about three weeks early and not much got done. We're finally back to working on the nursery and hope to have it done sometime before he turns ten. Haha, ok, hopefully before he's six months old. That leaves us about three and a half months to get to it.

But hey, bookshelves! We finally got them up and were able to put all the lovely books that we received at our diaper shower. The big boys also donated some of their books to Graham. It's a perfect little area in the corner of his room that will one day house a beanbag for him to snuggle into and read to his heart's content.

Also, please to be noticing the ceiling light that we installed. It makes my heart sing every time we walk in there. So much better than the pesky fan that we used to have in there. One step closer...

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