July 21, 2014

graham: three months old.


This was a really fun month. The smiles were more consistent. And laughs are just around the corner! Also, hands! They're the most interesting thing ever! But seriously, Graham, when you catch sight of your hand, you'll stare at it for a good 30 seconds moving it this way and that. Speaking of staring, we put the mirror on your play mat above you. And you are definitely digging your reflection right now.

Your brothers are still a little confused about why you aren't crawling yet. But you know what you are doing? You're trying to sit up. Mama and daddy think you're entirely too young to be doing this, by the way. You'll be sitting in our laps, lounging back, and we can feel you trying to pull yourself up. I think we're going to insist you save this trick for a couple of months, please. Preferably six months. I guess if you want to sit up, we may as well try to find the bumbo for you to practice with, huh?

You still love your brothers like crazy. And they love you! Sawyer asks to hold you all the time, and Cayden likes to say funny things to you to make you smile. You probably couldn't have asked for better big brothers. Mama and daddy are loving the relationship you are all forming. It's pretty awesome.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to stop giving you your reflux medicine. You were still spitting up, but only occasionally, and I didn't feel that your medicine was making things any better. And if it wasn't helping, I didn't want to keep giving you medicine and putting those chemicals in your body. I would say that your reflux has improved significantly though. Perhaps you being a couple of weeks early meant that you needed a little extra time to figure out how things work. We're still not 100% spit up free (hello three outfit changes before church yesterday), but you're getting there, and we're so very thankful for that.

You still enjoy sleeping through the night. And with mama going back to work last week, we're happy that you're falling into a little schedule. You're usually up at 7 in the mornings, eat around every two hours and in bed between 8 and 9. I have to admit, it's pretty awesome. And again, mama and daddy are very aware how blessed we've been with three good sleeping boys.

Likes: your left hand, your brothers, diaper changes, daddy's elephant noise, the cats
Dislikes: being hungry

weeks nine through twelve

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