July 8, 2014



We took the boys bowling last week – the first time for Sawyer; Cayden had been once before with school. The bowling shoes on our boys was adorable. And then watching them tote their ball to the line and rolling it as hard as they could? Was so much fun! Jeremy and I were certain that their balls would never make it to the pins, but they did. While taking approximately a minute to get down the lane. We rented our lane for an hour thinking we could get two games in. Haha, joke's on us! Since it took the boys' balls so long to go down the lane each time they bowled, we completed one game with just five minutes to spare. We won't talk about who won (ahem, it was me), or who bowled the lowest score (I believe that would be Jeremy), but the boys did have the advantage of the bumpers being up for them. It was a really great family outing that I think we're have to rotate into our family fun adventures...

I'd honestly forgotten how much I enjoy bowling. I'm really not that good at it, but there's just something about feeling like you know all the techniques. And sliding your foot behind you as you release the ball. I'm totally a pro.

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Jeremy Allen said...

Aheem....where is that Awesome picture of you I took!!!

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