July 15, 2014

and bam, color!


It's amazing how adding one simple thing to a room can change the look dramatically. We knew going in that we wanted blue curtains for Graham's room to offset all the black and white. We even picked our ceiling paint color based on the fabric we had already purchased (um, yep, we've had this fabric for months).

We finally hung the curtain rods so that I could measure just how long the curtains needed to be – 89 inches; that's some serious curtain there. We hung them high and wide to accentuate the big window even more. The second we had one panel up, we were already in love. Cayden keeps telling us how much he loves Graham's curtains. (Which of course makes me realize how much their room is in need of a makeover. One day.)

We were already loving the bookshelves we added, but simple curtains definitely stepped up the look in this room. Can't wait to see what other final touches we can make in here.

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