June 25, 2014

this one.


Sawyer is all boy. All boy. Playing in the dirt seems to be a favorite of his lately. I mean, look at him. Dirt everywhere and he couldn't care less. It's just a part of him. He sees a bug or spider and if you mention killing it, you might get a "but he's my best friend" response from him. Peeing outside? Yep, he's a fan of that too.

::record scratch::

Peeing outside? Um, yep. During soccer season, it was sometimes easier to walk into the woods rather than risk an accident on the way to the bathrooms that are entirely too far from where the younger kids practice. And once Sawyer got to pee in the woods, that's where he wanted to go every time. But y'all, we were having a hard time training this one, so we just went with it.

I didn't think we'd ever get him potty trained, but once it clicked with him, it stuck. Getting him trained during naps and overnight? It was definitely never going to happen. Until we realized that if we kept putting him in pull-ups, he would probably just keep using them. So one night a few months back, we just kept him in his underwear. It might have been a slip on our part, but you know what? He woke up dry. We tried it out at nap time the next day. Woke up dry.

He's woken up dry more days than not. In fact, there may have been two/three overnight accidents total. And it's so cute when it does happen. He'll walk in our room and say, "Mommy/Daddy? I'm soaked!" But really, it's only happened a couple of times, so we'll take the cute phrase.

Sawyer's four days shy of his third birthday and completely potty trained. And we're so, so glad and proud of him.

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