June 26, 2014

sweet dreams, little one.


Since sleeping in his crib during the night has been going so well, we decided to let him try a daytime nap. And well, I think the photos show that he naps pretty well in his crib too. I put away the pack & play that's been set up in our room since we brought Graham home. Part of me was really sad to move him to his own room, but the other part of me was happy to have him in his own little space. I think Jeremy and I are both sleeping more peacefully, but are ready to jump up and get to his room quickly should the need arise.

Oh, and naked baby? Yeah, we still haven't quite gotten the reflux under control. I dress him for the day, and if he messes that outfit up, he's naked for the rest of the day. Plus? Those diapers are pretty cute; I don't mind seeing him in just those all the time.

1 comment:

Jeremy Allen said...

Beautiful shots....

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