June 30, 2014

sawyer: three years old


Our nugget is officially three years old! I think having his birthday party before his actual birthday may have confused him just a bit, but by the end of the day, he was convinced that it was indeed his birthday. Of course, the cupcake with candles might have had a little something to do with it.

We had a great day of visiting with family and opening presents. Three year olds are hard to buy for when they have an older brother with lots of fun toys. We stuck to the something want, wear, need, read; we compromised on the reading part just a bit as the boys have about a gazillion books already. We bought Cayden an upgraded Leap Frog reader; Sawyer wasn't quite ready for that jump yet, so we settled on a Leap Pad2. Seems to be a big hit so far! His need was a new bicycle helmet – Hulk smash! And another mashable (again, Hulk) to go with their growing collection. And y'all Target has won with their v-neck tshirts this year. They just added a few more colors, so I couldn't resist getting Sawyer a green one for his birthday. And, as an added bonus, he got the Lego Movie. Everything IS awesome!

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