June 11, 2014



These photos have absolutely nothing to do with the title. But mostly to show how many faces this little one can make in a very short period of time. Watching him sleep is entertainment all on its own.

But back to the title. Reflux. It's not something we've dealt with before, so it's a learning experience for us for sure. At first, Graham was just having some spit up issues after every feeding. That seemed normal enough. And then spit up started coming out his nose. Which apparently is normal after consulting with the Google. Over the last few weeks though, we were experiencing exorcism-type spit up. I'm talking about a bunch of liquid going distances that just shouldn't happen.

Thankfully Graham has continued to put on weight. (Some might even say he's starting to get a bit chunky.) Our pediatrician was concerned enough though and sent us for an upper GI test last Thursday. I wasn't exactly sure what that process entailed, so again, I consulted Google and some close friends. I knew Graham would have to drink barium and that they would have to restrain his arms and legs.

Little dude was so hungry (he had to fast two hours prior, and since he's an every-two-hours eater, starving), he took the barium down like it was nothing. Getting to watch the barium go through his body on the x-ray machine was kind of surreal. The doctors got all the photos they needed, then fed him a little more barium to see if they could catch a reflux episode occur on screen. And sure enough, you could see it coming back up. Crazy.

We were prescribed Zantac and were told the taste would be awful. What no one told us was the taste would be so awful that it would cause Graham to spit up/throw up worse than ever. After two doses of Zantac and some major puking, we quit that drug as fast as we could. We consulted with our doctor again and were prescribed the generic version of Axid. While Graham still doesn't love the taste, it is going down much better. As of typing, he's had two doses and no puking from taking them, so we'll count that as a win. He's had a little spit up this morning, but nothing like what I dealt with yesterday morning (you guys don't even want to know), so again, we'll take that as a win.

We're hoping this is something that his little body will grow out of and we won't have to continue to give him drugs. Not being covered in liquid from your baby though? We'll take it as long as he needs it.

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