June 23, 2014

graham: two months old


And two months down. You would think with this being our third time doing this, nothing would throw us. Simply not true. You may look like your older brothers just a bit, but dude, you've definitely thrown us off with this reflux thing. As long as we remember to give you your medicine, we seem to be okay. You still spit up on your medicine, but if we forget, it's like gallons of liquids come from you. We're doing our best to remember, but sometimes it's hard – especially at night. We'll get there though!

You started smiling this month. And I can't even describe how that makes us feel. Your favorite time to smile is when we're changing a diaper. The dirtier the diaper, the more smiles you give. You think you're a funny one, sweet Graham. In the last couple of days you've started handing out the smiles more freely. And well, they're adorable. Usually open mouthed, but if there's a grin, it's usually accompanied by your tongue too. Good stuff.

We switched you to your crib the night before your two month day. You celebrated by sleeping for nine hours straight. So, the crib it is! We've only had to sprint in there once due to some scary spit up sounds over the monitor, but again, we forgot your medicine the night before. Mama and daddy are very blessed to have a third great sleeper. Thank you for that.

You are starting to "talk" a little bit now. Sometimes it starts off as a cry, but ends with you just making sounds. You especially like to talk to Cayden. Seems as though you two are going to have a special connection and we like seeing that develop.

Your loves: smiling, eating, pooping, sleeping and your big brothers
Your dislikes: not eating quick enough, having a dirty diaper and being cold

weeks five through eight

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