June 12, 2014

brothers and bath towels.


When Sawyer was born, we did a comparison photo of him and Cayden after their first baths at home. We kept meaning to do that with Graham, but I guess with two older boys at home, other things seemed more important. But last night, the older two were happily playing after dinner while we gave Graham a bath in the kitchen sink. And I had an "aha!" moment and asked Jeremy to grab the camera. Even though Graham is a few weeks older than the other two in this photo, he's actually not all that much larger than Sawyer was in his photo (being born at over 8.5 pounds will do that I guess!). So here we are: All of our boys in their hooded towels. Looking a whole lot like brothers.

1 comment:

Lydia Geisendorfer said...

Oh yes they do! The resemblance is VERY strong!

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