May 2, 2014



About two weeks ago, we were having dinner at my parents house with my sister and her family. Cayden and Sawyer had spent the afternoon playing with their cousin Ethan, and when we got there, Cayden randomly told us he wanted his hair cut like Ethan's. His hair was getting a little long, but I wasn't quite sure about cutting it as short as Ethan's. It involved clippers and number settings, and things I really know nothing about – hair cuts involve scissors and thinning shears as far as I'm concerned.

As dinner progressed, we talked about it a little bit more with Cayden, and he was set on a buzz cut. Uncle Justin asked if we had clippers. And once told that, yes, we do, he offered to cut Cayden's hair right then and there. Gulp.

Big boy's hair was so thick that we couldn't get the clippers to go through it. Crazy right? So Jeremy and Justin took scissors to it first to make it a little more manageable. Honestly? The uneven look of the scissor cut almost stuck. Throw on his skinny jeans and sneakers and he was the coolest looking four year old emo kid around.

Alas, Cayden wanted the shorter 'do, so Justin kept clipping. And clipping. And clipping. I don't think Justin realized quite what he was getting into volunteering to cut an Allen-child's hair. But it happened, and at first, I was like, "Nope! Never again."

But never again happened about five minutes later when Sawyer wanted his hair cut like brother's. The entire process started over. Unfortunately, the sun had gone down by this time, so photos didn't really turn out of Sawyer. Just imagine the same thing as Cayden's photos, just with darker hair.

Now that they both have uber-short hair, I'm realizing how easy this is going to be to maintain. Probably the best part? We can just do it ourselves. And the boys love it.

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