May 23, 2014

graham: one month old


One month, huh? To say that this month has flown by would pretty much be an understatement. But little dude, with the way you entered this world, I have a feeling things are going to be fast and furious for a long time.

You've had a pretty excellent first month, Graham. There was a little concern about your weight gain, but no worries, while we were at the doctor for your big brother's appointment, we weighed you again. And Dr. C referred to you as a fatty, so I think we're good there. Ha! You're nursing like a champ every two hours during the day. At night you wake once around 3 or 4ish and then go back to sleep for at least another three hours. So I guess the every two hours during the day is fine as long as you continue to sleep at night like that. (As a side note, both of your older brothers have always been wonderful sleepers. Perhaps that's just a gene that your daddy and I are able to give to all of you.)

You're starting to have a few more hours of alert time during the day, but you do still spend a lot of it sleeping. Your best friend is the ceiling fan. And you aren't picky, you'll make friends with any fan you come into contact with. Recently we've started laying you on your playmat. You show a little interest in it, but I imagine more interest will come later.

You still sleep in mommy and daddy's room in the pack & play. I think we'll continue to keep you in there until you start sleeping through the night entirely. You have a tendency to spit up a bit after we lay you down, so being able to hear you and address any choking issues quickly is important to us.

Speaking of your room, we still haven't finished it. I promise we will get it done eventually.

We are loving having you as the newest addition to our family. I hate to say it, because I'll probably jinx it, but it's really seemed quite effortless. Thank you for blessing us with your presence. We can't wait to see you grow!

weeks one through four

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