May 22, 2014

cayden: five years old


Our first born turned five this past Tuesday. Five. Five whole years since he blessed us with his presence and made us parents. When I think back to the day he was born, it seems like such a short time ago. But when I think about the actual days involved, that's a lot of days. Amazing days. Trying days. Couldn't-ask-for-better days. And everything in between.

We celebrated with corn dogs (of course) at a local place that overlooks a waterfall. The weather was perfect for sitting out on the patio, talking with our boys (all three of them!) and letting Cayden open his gifts. This year we're really trying to be more intentional with the gifts we pick for our kiddos. We did pretty good this year keeping it to something he wants, needs, wears and reads. The superhero mashers are a big hit with both of our older boys right now. And he needed some new underwear like woah (he wasn't so impressed with that gift!). We can never go wrong with anything Spiderman, so a new Spiderman shirt was also in his bag. And to round things out, we got him a new Leap Frog reader. He had the younger version, but now that he's really loving writing and figuring out how things are spelled, we thought this would be the perfect time to upgrade. He's loving everything, and not overwhelming him with too many gifts, was really the best way to go.

A whole hand, Cayden. Here's hoping the second hand goes a bit slower than the first.

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